|ATS| is a gaming clan for SWAT 4 and was re-founded by |ATS|Gods_Soldier and |ATS|DisTurBeD in 2018. Some of you may remember |ATS| from back in the day when it was a multi-game clan. |ATS| is now under new ownership and has a some changes.

  • We no longer have ranks.
  • Swat 4 Exclusive
  • All about having fun

We are a professional and dedicated group in the gaming community with members all over the globe. Our focus is to provide the Swat 4 community a family-like atmosphere that accepts all players with various skill levels from beginner to expert.


  • No cheats, hacks or glitching: Players who are caught will be banned from the server. No exceptions.
  • Spawn killing or camping is not allowed on this server this includes nading spawn locations. If a player disregards this rule, the player will be disciplined at the admins discretion.
  • Arresting/Killing AFK is prohibited. People who are AFK (Away from Keyboard) does not mean you can gain easy points. In the event you will be AFK please notify an Admin to put you in Spectator mode.
  • The use Cams while in game is a must as it assists other teammates.
  • Dropping on arrests are strictly forbidden, if a player drops on arrest they will be warned once not to do it again. After the second time said player will be banned.
  • Play fair and have fun

Swat 4 Version 1.0 Server

Swat 4 Version 1.1 Server